Jesse L. Powers Jr. Bass


    Born September 14, 1951 at Ft. Eustis, VA. Yep, he was an Army brat!  He was the firstborn to two incredible parents, and during a difficult time in our history.  Jesse is the oldest of four siblings (a special  bunch) and the father of five wonderful adult children, and the grandfather to seven even younger, stronger,  super beings with super powers!

    Jesse's professional musical career began in 1971 upon volunteering (during the draft, and the war in Viet Nam, mind you) to join the U. S. Army as a professional euphonium and trombone player.  During his first enlistment in the Army, he taught himself to play the electric bass (1973), to assist in the much needed addition to the unit's big band.  

    Another important career enhancing  experience initiated early in his military career was being entrusted to serve as a Human Relations specialist, which would later be called, Equal Opportunity Noncommissioned Officer (NCO).  Good stuff.

   Stepping back,  Jesse's music education actually began at age 9, in junior high school, playing the trombone and subsequently, the euphonium.  Upon enterting high school, he won an audition to play in the prestigious, award winning, Hampton High School Band.  Now fastforwarding back to to his career in the Army, he completed the Army's Basic Music Course and after several years, Jesse  Advanced Noncommisioned Officers Army/ Music Courses.  The U.S. Army's music courses are taught at the JOINT EXPEDITIONARY BASE, Little Creek-Ft. Story, Virginia Beach, VA. It is through this education and experiences that shaped his ability to arrange and compose music.

    The first 15 years of his musical career in the U. S. Army Band field, was spent serving in various wonderful and incredible, Army bands.  In 1986 Jesse joined the prestigious Special Army band, the U. S. Army Field Band, from Washington D.C., serving for the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA), Washington, D.C. where he served for the remaining 19 years of his Army career, until retirement.  OH HAPPY DAY!
​​   Today, Jesse continues his musicianship, taking it upon himself to relentlessly perfect the canon of musical literature that all of the masters before him have successfully embraced.  The result; a successful musical career!  

    Jesse has toured musically in every state in our great union (including Alaska and Hawaii), and abroad in Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Cuba, and Nicaragua.

    Jesse's inspirations in music come from a plethora of professional artists, and from practically every music genre.  It is the spirit of music itself,  that captured and mysitifed him since early childhood.  And so, , it continues....  

    Truly, with all the challenges in life, the world, and depending on where you choose to live, life is what [you] make it!  Your personal peace, is [your] responsibility.  So if you're searching for that special something in your life, to come from Lord knows where, to lift you up, just look in the mirror, and choose to make it happen!      

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